We are thinkers before we are builders. In fact, that notion permeates every facet of our enterprise. Why? Because we want to get as much out of our employees as our business can possibly muster. We begin by giving them freedom – because every job is different and we need to be flexible enough to accommodate anything that comes our way. Rules should empower, not confine.

That’s why we have to place a lot of trust in our people, as well. We know we can rely on them to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. They, in turn, trust us to groom them for success by offering them great opportunities and career advancement. Only then, can we encourage independent thought and innovation. Without advancing beyond the limits of what comes easy to us, why get up in the morning?

In our company, everything is up for debate, except our values – which are unmovable. We think as long as we abide by these values, we’ll all do great:


A reputable construction company, we believe that the design and look of your custom home is a tangible expression of your personal vision, dreams and needs. And your home is the “face” you show to the world. What expression do you want it to wear? Classic, modern, distinctive? Perhaps all three.

We offer the following services, installations and repairs:

• Bathroom Remodeling
• Kitchen Remodeling
• Flooring & Installation
• Doors
• Interior & Exterior Painting
• Exterior Siding & Masonry
• Outdoor Decks & Patios
• Garage Doors

From the initial design consultation to the completion of a custom build, remodel of your home or a renovation, our serves the individual needs of our clients with precision, clarity and a unique understanding of the design/build process.

Our team’s combined experience of over 100 years in the high-end residential construction business means superior project management and strong relationships with a vast array of top professionals in all the trades. And our clients benefit from efficient timelines and budgets.

Bathrooms Remodeling, Renovations & Installation

Your bathroom – the room where you can really spoil yourself. We handle everything from small and large bathroom remodeling to complete renovations. We can help provide and select all of the bathroom finishes cabinets and fixtures for you through one of our suppliers. A to Z Construction Pro will help you decide what is best for you, whether it is installing fog free mirrors, heated floors, or a beautiful whirlpool. A well-designed bathroom renovation will integrate luxury, comfort and functional beauty. Whether it’s a complete renovation or a smart reinvention of your space, you’ll have hundreds of renovation design ideas available to you. Turn your bathroom into a haven – think Jacuzzi tub and soft lighting – or bring nature inside with a river-rock shower for two. Our company will ensure that your bathroom will be a tranquil destination in your home. Let us transform your vision into reality. Enjoy browsing through our gallery of recent bathroom projects.

Kitchens Remodeling, Renovations & Installation

Your kitchen is the center of your home. So before any kitchen renovation project, take time to consider your design style and the functionality that your lifestyle requires. A to Z Construction Pro will help you think through every important detail of your kitchen renovation; from cabinets to counter-tops to flooring and paint, to back-splashes and appliances. Careful planning and research including sourcing the best people and finest materials for you and your needs – is fundamental to enhancing the integrity of this pivotal space in your home. Renovating a kitchen is one of the best places to start when adding customer value and satisfaction to a new or existing home.

Using green technology, such as a water-efficient dishwasher or low-power refrigerator, and creating additional space for storage and preparation immediately changes the general feel of a home, and is attractive to a potential home-buyer. Features such as built-in cabinetry, creative storage space, unique sinks, high-quality counter-tops, island working areas and larger, more efficient windows retain their value very well and will attract more buyers in the future. Inspiration for your kitchen remodel begins with a consultation from A to Z Construction Pro. Contact us today for a free quote.

Tile, Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, and Heated Floor Installation

Installs, repairs and refinishes flooring all over Jacksonville and nearby cities and towns. Our work and quality ensure that old and new customers receive prompt and professional service. We are specialists in the flooring business. From installing new ceramic tiles and hardwood floors to a wide variety of carpets, our company service vehicles are equipped with a wide variety of samples to help you shop at home or the office. Adding new flooring often adds the most impact in a renovation. A unique combination of craftsmanship and advanced technologies are used on each product ensuring flawless results.

Interior Design, Renovation & Home Makeover Services

We are a full service contractor with artisans and craftsmen specializing in residential remodeling and decorating. We work design partner for projects of any size, from updating a single room to remodeling your entire home. A new home is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s an essential part of who you are. At Air Hook, we create the most exciting new homes imaginable, set them in vibrant neighborhoods and invite people to invest their dreams in them.

Our company proves that custom built homes and value can come together. Your custom home building dreams come true with our small highly skilled team of talented tradesmen. Our team understands that a memorable custom home is more than the materials you select. An impressive home requires clear vision, top craftsman and superior products. Whether you want a custom addition to your existing home or a complete custom build, one of Air Hook’s project managers will walk with you through the design/build process. Contact us to discuss your custom home building needs today.

The aim of a home renovation – whether it’s a living room, dining room, foyer or master bedroom, is to re-invent your interior space for maximum relaxation, comfort and enjoyment with family and friends – without having to leave your beloved neighborhood. Air Hook project managers work with you to blend the elements of your renovation from start to finish.

For a successful home renovation you need to decide early on how to blend your comfort needs with your desire for a coherent design that works with your lifestyle. Thoughtful selection of a defined color palette, moldings, and appropriate fabric and furniture will further enhance your renovation. A home office redesign or the creation of a media room is one way to get your feet wet in the renovation process.

The hallmark of any great renovation is in the details – those small, yet beautiful aspects that sometimes get overshadowed by the grand scheme of a finished project. That’s why we pay as much attention to the “little things” as we do the work itself. These are the elements that give a room its character, and we believe that the finishing touches that whisper are just as important as ones that roar. It could be an unexpected bit of texture in an otherwise smooth facade, or the use of antique fixtures in a modern profile. We love to take conventional materials and re-purpose them in unconventional ways to maximize a room’s impact and take a project from simply good, to stunning.